Workshop in Ton Duc Thang University

Saturday, 30/03/2019, 09:29

Time: 09:00, 2019 Mar.29th
Place: Ton Duc Thang University – Ho Chi Minh city.
Participants: Mr. Tanaka, Mr. Naito, Mrs. Uyen, Mr. Son, Mr. Luan
And about 90 Students Ton Duc Thang University
- Introducing solutions for Industrial working environment for students.
- Introduce our company.
- Introduce Design Department and Hire new member for team.
The company organized this seminar, in addition to introducing the company's products, it also explained the
requirements as well as the tasks that a designer must do in the Nikkei Panel System Vietnam. From there
they can work longer with us.

Mr. Tanaka communicated with the school representative

About 90 Final year students participated in this seminar

Mrs. Uyen introduced the company history as well as the company’s regulations and obligations

Mr. Son introduced in detail the design department as well as the work they will do in the future