Exterior panel

Ecology & economy. High cost performance construction method that meets the needs of the times.
Construction Example
Construction Example
Exterior panel

Ecology & Economy. High cost performance construction method that meets the needs of the times.

Even ultrafine dust cannot be allowed in a production environment where highly precise activities are done, so exceptional design knowledge is needed at multiple levels, from distinguishing the traffic line between objects and people to constructing a super clean room. Our comprehensive expertise in clean room supports nanotechnology.

We also understand the importance of considering the effects of deterioration over the years of operation, and maintaining the initial level of performance.

We support next-generation performance through clean environments and free maintenance principles.

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What is the difference between industrial and food industry clean rooms?
The food industry, understandably, sets much higher hygiene standards than most other industries. It is vital that the food that we consume and market to other people is not only fresh and delicious but also safe. This is why food industry procedures are characterised by strict rules and extremely high hygiene standards. More and more food production plants opt for using cleanrooms, elevating the level of general hygiene of the whole industry.
Who will do the insulation panel construction?
Our company provides professional construction and installation services for insulation panels and related products.
I would like to know the details of the insulation panel, so I would like you to send me the drawings.

You can download standard drawings of insulation panels and related products as pdf in the download section or contact us directly via email in the contact section.

Looking forward to your contact and feedback.

How long is the delivery date of the product?
As a building material, it is a panel with non-combustible performance stipulated by the Building Standard Law. It conforms to the standards stipulated by Cabinet Order regarding non-combustible performance and is certified by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
Where can I buy it?
You can get more information and order by contacting us directly via email or phone number.