Manage the space.

We provide consistent support from meetings to design, manufacturing, and construction. We respond quickly and accurately to various needs from a comprehensive perspective and back up the creation of the ideal space. We will deliver customer satisfaction with high quality and courteous service.


The existence of prefabricated refrigerators and freezers that have become common sense in all aspects of production and distribution.
It is a low temperature space that maximizes the extremely high potential of the product, such as high heat insulation performance, flexible design support, and short delivery time.
Prefabricated refrigerator / freezer
Food safety starts here. Protecting food distribution with thorough temperature control.
From a wide variety of insulation panel types and thicknesses, we propose the optimum insulation panel for the set temperature and application. Since various "optimums" can be selected according to the space and application, it is possible to secure an efficient internal volume even in a limited area.
Refrigerator / freezer warehouse
Top brand products and reliable know-how that support the base of the distribution network
A distribution cold storage that requires various needs against the backdrop of the expansion of the store network such as mail order and convenience stores. Nikkei Panel's products and know-how will build an efficient delivery system at the heart of the cold chain that connects producers and consumers.
Food factory
Contribute to the construction of a safe and secure food factory!
Contribute to the construction of a safe and secure food factory!


We will build an advanced clean space that supports Japan's cutting-edge technology, which is rapidly developing in various fields from nanotechnology such as semiconductors and liquid crystals to pharmaceuticals and biotechnology .
Industrial clean room
Clean space control is carefully designed, and flexibility in construction is also appealing.
Even ultrafine dust cannot be allowed in a production environment where highly precise activities are done, so exceptional design knowledge is needed at multiple levels, from distinguishing the traffic line between objects and people to constructing a super clean room.
Clean room for pharmaceuticals
Providing a high level of safety environment in the medical and bio fields
We propose products that meet the needs of advanced clean environments such as the pharmaceutical and biotechnology fields. A lot of experience cultivated from the past clean room delivery results realizes a highly airtight space. We provide a safe and secure environment.
Environmental test room / laboratory
Environmental test room that reproduces various temperature and humidity environments on the earth.
Build spaces with various conditions from ultra-low temperature to high temperature and humidity. We will build a custom-made test environment that meets the needs of our customers.


A comfortable and secure space that maintains durability, fire resistance, and heat insulation performance while considering the cost performance of the facility and creating a safe and secure space that will not collapse or collapse even in the unlikely event of an earthquake, with a focus on robustness and earthquake resistance. Propose construction.
Exterior panel
Ecology & economy. High cost performance construction method that meets the needs of the times.
We have adopted a sandwich structure that combines the outer wall material and the heat insulating material. Waldan® is an outer wall material that is generally called a metal insulation sandwich panel with a heat insulating material sandwiched between steel plates.