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- Bangkok's largest food warehouse owned by M-SENKO
- Customer request 
・ High quality similar to Japan 
・ Countermeasures against dew condensation due to hot and humid climate 
- Construction details: Insulation panel for low temperature, heat shield door 
- Panel area: Approximately 18,000㎡ 
- Construction completed: January 2021

Relief valve that prevents panel destruction due to internal pressure.

Electric heat-insulating door that uses a lightweight and durable door

Frozen warehouse (finishing with an emphasis on hygiene when storing food)

️ Construction points Considering the heat insulation performance of the insulation panel and the climate of Thailand, the thickness of the insulation panel is selected assuming the highest temperature and average humidity of the outside air. By making full use of strength calculation and construction know-how according to the delivery environment, we have realized the provision of the highest quality equipment.