Insulation Panel
Insulation Panel
Insulation panel

Insulation Panel

Contributes to reducing environmental load by preventing global warming and ozone layer depletion
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The industry's first non-fluorocarbon heat-insulated insulation panel for batch-type metal sandwich panels.

With 6 types of lineup from 42mm to 150mm, it covers a wide range from normal temperature range to ultra-low temperature range.

It is possible to construct all interior materials with non-combustible products, from the environment where people work such as food factories to the freezer cold storage where products and materials are stored

Improved cleanability (sanitation)

It is now possible to construct fine joints by narrowing the joint width, which was 7 to 8 mm in the past, to the design value of 2 mm.

The fine joint specifications reduce the shrinkage of caulking in the joint width.

Cleaning of joints becomes easier, and cleaning performance (sanitation) is improved because there is no residue left after sterilization and sterilization.

Improvement of design

The design of the wall and ceiling components has been improved by suppressing the exposure of screws.

In addition, by matching the wall surface and the surface of the fittings, unevenness is eliminated and a space with a sense of unity is realized.


Basic performance
* Up to 60 °C for use in high temperature range.
Format Shape Panel thickness Recommended operating temperature Insulation performance Panel weight
RH Flat 42mm Up to -5 0C / 268K 0.50W / m² ・ K
(0.43cal / m²h ℃)
8.9kgf / m²
MR 50mm Up to -10°C / 263K 0.42W / m² ・ K
(0.36cal / m²h ℃)
9.1kgf / m²
FR 75mm Up to -20°C / 253K 0.28W / m² ・ K
(0.24cal / m²h ℃)
10.4kgf / m²
FS 100mm Up to -35°C / 238K 0.21W / m² ・ K
(0.18cal / m²h ℃)
11.3kgf / m²
FP 125mm Up to -45°C / 228K 0.17W / m² ・ K
(0.15cal / m²h ℃)
12.5kgf / m²
FT 150mm Up to -55°C / 218K 0.14W / m² ・ K
(0.12cal / m²h ℃)
14.8kgf / m²
FF 200mm Up to -60°C / 213K 0.11W / m² ・ K
(0.09cal / m²h ℃)
16.6kgf / m²
Panel standard width
900mm / 1,000mm
Maximum length of wall panel
6,000 mm
Maximum length of ceiling panel

Panel thickness: 50 mm or less ... 3,000 mm

Panel thickness: 75 mm or more ... 3,600 mm

Panel main parts
Core material
Rigid polyurethane foam
Joint method
Resin frame mating method